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Germantown Municipal Schools makes a strong showing at the Germantown Parade
As the District expands and continues down its excellent path, we were challenged to create a bigger presence at the Germantown Christmas Parade. Challenge accepted! A true team effort, the board and district office staff divided up the work and each invested a little time and talents into the build and decoration of the project.

The end result was spectacular and another example of what good teamwork can accomplish in a few short days. The theme of the GMSD float was “Toys For Tots”. Each school board member brought a toy to donate at the conclusion of the parade. Of course, they also enjoyed throwing candy at all of the onlookers.

The float was made possible by the donation of the truck and trailer by Landers Ford and a generous donation from the Germantown Education Foundation to help purchase some of the materials.

Also on the float, thanks to the technical assistance by Dr. Billy Rayburn and the loaning of a generator by Mindy and Terry Fischer, was a well amplified a cappella choir that sang holiday tunes the entire length of the parade. Dressed in their Dickens attire, the small HHS ensemble did not fail to impress the crowd. Audience members got a good chuckle every time they were urged to “buy the album” on iTunes. The choir was in fact serious—and the link to purchase their new album can be found by searching 38/39 in the iTunes Store.

Following the school board float was the District Office staff and family who proudly displayed the latest GMSD accolade of being named one of the Top Places To Work by the Commercial Appeal early last week. Joining in on the fun, David Carlisle and Stephanie Brockway marched in representation of the Germantown Education Foundation.

The parade of schools was also fabulous. Each school represented themselves well—with the crew from Farmington Elementary School wearing their best 70’s gear in celebration of the school’s birthday (the school originally opened in 1975).

Shortly thereafter, Falcon Footlights, a theater production organization that services Farmington, Dogwood, and Houston Middle, belted out some tunes from their fall musical, The Lion King Jr.

Following Houston High School was the first annual parade of State Champions. Teams from Houston High School who took first place in their State competition were put on display and celebrated. Led by GMSD’s Athletic Director, Chad Becker (also in a truck generously provided by Landers Ford), the girl’s golf team, the girl’s soccer team, the boy’s soccer team, girl’s cross country, and the cheer squad all made their way through the parade route.

Of course, the Houston Middle School marching band and the Houston Band were also well represented and well received in the parade! A funny behind the scenes footnote: When the buses did not arrive in time to transport both bands, the school board, the principal, and the superintendent himself all provided back and forth shuttling for the band members. Another fine example that captures the spirit of what makes events like this and our system in general so wonderful.