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First annual #gmsdPDexpo gives teachers a new brand of professional development
Live Twitter feed screens graced the halls, lecture hall and classrooms around the school as the teachers filed into the first ever #gmsdPDexpo. Selfies were highly encouraged. The #gmsdPDexpo Team worked hard to create a high-tech and Twitter interactive environment to encourage teachers to become engaged participants instead of passive listeners during the keynote speaker. This year’s speaker, George Couros, hailed all the way from Canada and brought the audience (simultaneously) to tears and fits of laughter.

Finally, Superintendent Jason Manuel's heartfelt speech to teachers was emotionally charged and very time appropriate in the wake of standardized testing and evaluation. With that, the teachers were dismissed for lunch—a time honored and tradition on professional development days!

When teachers returned they were greeted by TED talk inspired letters to encourage more selfies… The Mustang head was a popular prop.

Between sessions, Officer Mike Maggipinto and John Pierce stop by and sample innovative seating in the Knowledge Tree sponsored 21st Century Classroom Lounge.

Meanwhile, in the classrooms teachers and administrators led their colleagues through presentations that centered around the theme of “innovation”.

CTT Ashley Smith delivers an on point tutorial about OneDrive and OneNote in the classroom.

Katie Riley's session was full of smiles as teachers sampled some of the amazing things available for their classrooms.

Plenty of tweets about programming robots in the science lab.

Dr. Melissa Ducey and Candice Plaissance delivered their message to full rooms.

It was great to see high school teachers learning how to code from one of our elementary school teachers. We don't often get the chance to mingle PD across so many grade bands.

"Is that a cauldron?" Christa Phillips and Missy Abel head to their class to showcase the upcoming facets of the District's STEM program.

So tech intensive, that this session presenter was working a dual computer setup.

FES Fourth grade teacher Caryn Daughtery laughs as she reads a passage in the DES lead visible thinking session.

One of our teachers of the year, Corrie Martin leads a group of teachers in creating memes to enhance instruction.  Even Imogene Canady has caught the fever--here, she creates a meme to enhance her chemistry classes.

The end of the day brought about the big announcement of our Twitter contest. See below to view some favorites.

And, our students noticed the mass influx of teachers participating...

Finally, master planner of the day and Professional Development Supervisor Shamira Davis accepts sign in sheets from presenters in the office.