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HMS parents and students receive a warm welcome back to school with CFA biscuits
Germantown, Tennessee—August 27th, 2019--HMS Principal Liz Dias provided a warm welcome to parents and students on the first day of school—quite literally. “Who couldn’t use a Chick-Fil-A biscuit bright and early?” said Dias.  “Not only is it back to school for our students, it’s back to school for our hardworking parents,” she shared while handing out the biscuits in the carline. 
HMS staff welcomed 200 plus parents in the car-rider line. Each biscuit came equipped with a message that read, “Don’t be a chicken, it’s just middle school!” Everyone appreciated the help of the GMSD Board Members, who joined the HMS biscuit crew in welcoming students and parents back to school. A yummy and creative way to welcome back parents, Dias and her staff have several community engagement ideas for the 2019-2020 school year.  The first of which is a new Twitter Hashtag, #wearehms.
School Board Member Linda Fisher joins in on the fun and passes out chicken biscuits on the first day of school.