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Third-grade virtual students at Riverdale write letters to survivors of 9/11 during a special ELA lesson
By Student Reporter Emma Grace Benzing
Germantown, Tennessee--September 16th-- Third-grade virtual students in Julia Harris' class have been learning how to write letters this past week. In honor of 9/11, the students practiced their new writing skills to write kind words to survivors of 9/11. Ms. Harris, a first-year teacher at Riverdale Elementary School, reached out and made a connection with the World Trade Center Survivors Network. She got in touch with people who specialize in talking to children and visiting schools. They popped in a zoom call to say hello to the kids.  The students also watched a video-book of both The Little Chapel That Stood by A. B. Curtiss and The Day We Knew Everything Would Be Alright, which is a composition of drawings from 1st graders who lived through the events that occurred on 9/11. The students were able to practice writing letters and make a meaningful connection to a historical event.  According to a representative from the Survivor's Network, the letters were much appreciated.

Third-grade teacher Julia Harris leads her class through a virtual lesson.