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Memphis Business Journal recognizes two extraordinary Houston High School Seniors, Colton Lind and Suha Arshad
By Student Reporter: Priyanka Phaniraj

Germantown, Tennessee-- May 11, 2021--

Young Men Who Matter
         The Memphis Business Journal recognized one male student, Colton Lind, from Houston High School for the Young Men Who Matter award based on academic excellence as well as extracurriculars activities including community service on a daily basis.
          Along with Colton’s diverse experience in volunteering, Colton created the Future Soldiers project for his Honors Academy Capstone senior project. In order to support younger recruits that are leaving for the army, Colton began an initiative to gather basic yet essential hygiene items by contacting Sgt. Schoonover at the Army Recruiting Office, implementing a donation drive, as well as collecting those items from a larger range of people in Memphis. In his academic career, Colton has been accepted into multiple honors societies and holds positions in multiple clubs, such as Arduino and Esports Club.
          “I would tell someone to engage in something they’re passionate about and that way they’ll be successful in their endeavor to help others.  You can never go wrong pursuing something you believe in.” – Colton Lind
Girls Who Mean Business
         The Memphis Business Journal also recognized one female student, Suha Arshad, from Houston High School for the Girls Who Mean Business award based on academic excellence as well as extracurricular activities including community service on a daily basis.
          Apart from her vigorous academic endeavors, Suha Arshad is an active member of the Shelby County Youth Council which focuses on improving the youth voice and engagement in the community. Suha has been involved in the organization of two Youth Summits as well as a virtual Town Hall. She and other avid individuals connected with officials and community leaders in order to lead educational workshops for high school students across Shelby County. Additionally, Suha is involved with the Undocufund-MidSouth’s division that concentrates on application review and grant applications to help undocumented workers who have experienced inadequate financial circumstances, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
          “I’d tell students to think about what interests them and find a nonprofit in Memphis that is already working in that area… Living in Memphis or the surrounding suburbs means that you’ll never need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making change in the community...I know students involved in every sector imaginable whether its educational inequalities, healthcare, business, English language teaching, or the arts-- and they are all able to spend time doing what they love while uplifting the broader community.” – Suha Arshad