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HMS raises almost $2,000 for #FeedtheFrontline
By Student Reporter: Emma Grace Benzing
Germantown, Tennessee—March 22, 2021—Houston Middle School partnered with Tammy Rivera’s local #Feedthefrontline to treat our frontline workers at Germantown Methodist LeBonheur Hospital over the Spring Break.  During the pandemic, Feed the Frontline has been providing meals each evening since the pandemic began last spring.

HMS raised almost $2,000 and provided meals for two nights. Students made posters and some helped deliver the food. “Such big hearts in small bodies! Thank you to all the students at Houston Middle School, your teachers and administration, and your parents!” said Ms. Rivera on her Facebook page.

The money was donated through friendly competition between houses (much like Harry Potter's Hogwarts Academy Houses) at HMS. House Lipizzan raised the most money of the four houses and received the lion's share of house points. "The house system was enstated to build students’ character and encourage students to always do the right thing," said Houston Middle School Principal Liz Dias.  The event modeled good character and gave students hands-on experience in giving back to the community. Dias was proud of her Mustangs for rising to the challenge of #feedingthefrontline.