First recipients of the Fox Family Fund pay it forward, students learn to make a difference

March 1, 2022--Germantown, Tennessee--This school year, the Forest Hill Elementary PTO partnered with Forest Hill Administration to establish the Fox Family Fund.  These funds are dedicated to Forest Hill families that have been impacted by unexpected, life-changing events.  During Kindness week, students participated in a "Be the Change Challenge" by bringing in coins and putting them in their grade-level container.  First grade technically won the competition, but really everyone won because over $2,200 was raised for the Fox Family Fund.

"Our hope is to never have to use these funds, but we are thankful to have them if needed," said Joni Hester, Forest Hill Elementary PTO President.  "We want all students and their families to know they are important to Forest Hill and cared for inside and outside of the school building."

Reed Williams, a current first-grader at Forest Hill, was the first recipient from the Fox Family Fund.  Reed was diagnosed with leukemia a couple of days after completing his kindergarten year.  During his treatment, Forest Hill supported the Williams' family through meals, a drive-by parade, teacher and class visits, a birthday celebration, and most awesome of all, his return to school celebration on January 21st.  Recently, the Williams' family made a donation to the Fox Family Fund to pay forward the support they received.  "I love our school and every person in it and our family will spend the rest of our time here volunteering, donating and paying it forward," said Amanda Williams.  "This school will never know the impact they had on our lives."