Houston Cheer Celebrates Nationals Accomplishments with Houston Middle School Small Cheer Team Winning Multiple Championships

Houston Cheer made waves again this year at Nationals. Each of the teams that went, Houston High School Silver and Black, Houston Middle School Small and Large - they all placed in the top ten in their National Finals.

This year, the Houston Middle School Small Cheer team is celebrating multiple victories. This group of 16 middle school girls has achieved something that most teams can only dream of – winning not only a national championship, but also a world championship and the coveted Nations Cup.

Houston Middle Small was ready to showcase their talents in Orlando, and they were crowned the National Champions. They went on to compete in the World Championship, where some of the best cheer teams from around the world are set to compete. Once again, Houston Middle Small hit their routines perfectly. They were crowned World Champions.

Last but certainly not least, the Houston Middle School Small cheer team also won the Nations Cup. This prestigious award is given to the highest scoring team from each country. The success of Houston Middle School cheer is a testament to the dedication and hard work of these young athletes. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and perseverance to become a champion, and these girls have shown that they have what it takes. 

Congratulations to the Houston Cheer teams on their great year, and congratulations to Houston Middle on a history making trip to Nationals. Go mustangs!