McKenzie Stafford is celebrated as Germantown's Teacher of the Month

The February Teacher of the Month recipient was honored by the Education Commission at last week's meeting of the City of Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The February Teacher of the Month was awarded to Ms. McKenzie Stafford, a third grade math teacher at Dogwood Elementary School. Ms. Stafford is an enthusiastic educator with a caring heart. She refers to her students as "Stafford's Seagulls" and works hard to create a welcoming and warm environment for them.

Ms. Stafford is passionate about her job and helping students learn what they need to know to succeed. "Her energy in the classroom is contagious!" writes one nominating parent. "The kids actually have fun and look forward to being greeted each day by Ms. Stafford with a big smile, hug, encouraging word and excitement. My daughter now says that math is her favorite subject."

Ms. Stafford begins every class with a class pledge that reminds students that making mistakes means they are learning. A peer nominator writes "She does like to make learning fun, but she is also very serious about her job to teach academics. Her math class is challenging and makes connections throughout lessons. She is reaching students at all levels."

Another nominating parent writes "Our daughter has a severe speech delay that makes it hard for her to be understood by her teachers and peers. Thanks to Ms. Stafford's efforts, our daughter is able to fully participate in the classroom and be accepted by everyone."

In addition to teaching, Ms. Stafford, a new teacher, is eager to learn from other veteran teachers. In her free time, she attends school sporting events and performances to cheer on her students. She also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House to cook and clean for the families there.