Coach David Wolff Reaches Career Milestone 800 Wins After Boys Return from Manchester

April 2023 – Coach David Wolff has reached an incredible career milestone of 800 wins combined between coaching boys and girls soccer. The 800 win was achieved on March 23 when the boys varsity soccer team defeated ECS 3-0. This victory makes him the winningest soccer coach in the West Tennessee area, and he is also considered one of the best in the country with a total of 14 state championships. 

Coach Wolff wasn’t aware of how many wins he had achieved until he was named National Coach of the Year, which required him to go back and count up how many wins he had accomplished over his career. Coach Wolff says that for him it isn’t about the number of wins, but it’s about getting to work with the students and see their progression. He spoke about getting to watch his players grow in confidence and athletic ability during their high school years, and he also mentioned how he wants to give them the best opportunities during their time as a Mustang. 

One of the opportunities he helped bring to life for boys varsity soccer was training with Manchester City. Coach Wolff was proud to see his team improve during their time, but more than that, he was glad to see their appreciation for the game grow as well. He says that his biggest note for coaches and players alike is to listen for opportunities, and take advantage of them when they come along. 

Less than a week after returning home from the UK, Coach Wolff celebrated the 800th victory. He is thankful to all of his parents for their willingness to let him coach with his own process, and he is thankful to his wife for encouraging his dedication to his players. 

Some of the boys’ varsity players were able to share what this season has been like kicking off with training with Manchester City. Junior, Trotter Jones said that the best part of going to Manchester was being able to train at such a high level with all of his friends. They were able to learn more about each other in the way they play, and he said over the week in Manchester, “It all just clicked.” Drew McKeithen, also a junior, echoed this by saying that being able to train not only with his teammates but also with people who play at such a high level was “incredible.”

Coach Wolff’s players wanted to thank him for not only the experience of getting to go to Manchester, but for everything he has taught them as a coach. Junior, Sil Rottink says, “I’m proud of him as a coach, and I’m grateful that he gets to coach me as well. Having 800 wins must mean you’re doing something right.” 

Congratulations to Coach Wolff on his 800 victories and for being nationally recognized for all of his hard work. GMSD is thankful for all of his hard work and dedication to his team - from here, to Manchester City.

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