GMSD Hosts Envisions Exposition for Grades 3-5

April 2023 -- In the first ever GMSD Envision Exposition held on April 6, students in grades 3-5 were able to showcase all that they had learned through their research projects. Karen Teel from Dogwood Elementary shared that there were so many skills students were able to learn through this project, saying, “Students were able to take ownership of their work, apply their research and presentation skills, and develop social skills as they shared their findings with parents and community members.”

Throughout the event, visitors could learn about different parts of the world, ways to stop pollution, this history of broadway and music, and so much more. Mrs. Teel also shared that Envision was, “a dynamic program that individually differentiates and challenges gifted students beyond the standard curriculum.” The Envision Exposition was based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of specific measurable objectives that lead to personalized end results. It is designed to inspire students to set goals for their future. Students worked on two projects throughout each semester, and then they chose which one they would like to present at the Exposition. There were 150 independent research projects from all four elementary schools. 

The Envisions Exposition was a huge success and accomplishment for students and teachers alike! Farmington fourth grader Esther Zhang shared her project, “Do Wormholes Really Exist?” She created her own newspaper that answered questions such as, “What causes wormholes?” She also shared that she chose this topic because she has always been interested in space, and she is interested in studying the theory of wormholes and their connection to blackholes.

Miller Guthrie, a third grade student from Dogwood, did his project on, “The largest money making media franchise in history,” - Pokémon. He learned who created it, how it began, and how it’s evolving. Fourth grader Addison Atwood shared about clouded leopards and how we could be doing more to protect them from poaching. Mason Denelsbeck, a fifth grade student at Riverdale, did his project on Egypt, because he would love to visit one day and get to see the pyramids. 

Each student was able to explore their own interests, and then they practiced presentation skills by sharing with the community. The Envision Exposition was certainly a success!