Here are the Winners of the GMSD Golden Egg Contest!

April 2023 – Earlier this month all administrators were given a golden egg to hide somewhere at their school, and on April 3, everyone was on the lookout! Faculty members received clues throughout the day that would hint at where the egg might be hidden, and not too long after the hunt had started, we had our winners. 

Here are the winners of the golden egg hunt: Diana Lang, Houston Middle School,  Ann Gee, Dogwood, Sarah Bush, Riverdale, Lesley Morrow, Farmington, Meg Canady, District Office, Stacy Norske, Forest Hill, and Natalie Thompson, Houston High School. 

Meg Canady from the District Office found the golden egg inside of the popcorn machine! Stacy Norske found the Forest Hill golden egg behind one of their freezers! She searched through ice cream, or as Mr. Percoski’s clue said, “Leftover party supplies” to find it. Diana Lang shared that she found the golden egg in the front flower pot outside of HMS. She actually found it at the same time as the school psychologist, who was nice enough to give the prize to her! 

The winners were awarded a sweet treat from the Nutrition Hub, and they received a half day off work. Congratulations to these super sleuths for figuring out all of the clues!