Houston High Key Club Members host "Senior Prom" with local senior citizens

"Best night ever," shared HHS Key Club Co-President Zora Cunningham on Instagram. On Friday night, she along with about two dozen other key club members gathered at The Village at Germantown. They set up an event space in the retirement village to resemble a high school prom.

The "Senior" Prom brought senior citizens back to their high school prom days. Students came in their recently worn prom dresses and suits. Together, they danced the night away to a live band.

The event was inspired, oddly enough by the school district's strategic plan. "I work at the school district as a communications intern," said Zora. "I knew that we were looking for new ways to connect with senior citizens and I wanted to think of a new approach that brought our students together with them. I wanted to host the senior prom because of my grandmother. She never had a prom when she was my age, and it inspired me to create that magical moment for those “seniors” to enjoy again or for the first time.”

The event was a huge success, and the students had a great time dancing and socializing with our elderly population. “I had an amazing time. It felt so rewarding to spread joy to those people, and it is an experience I will never forget," said Zora.