5th Grade Students from Riverdale Visit Biztown!

May 2023 – Fifth grade students from Riverdale gained some hands-on experience that brought the elements of the “real world” to them! They visited Biztown and were able to participate in a mock town and economy. Each student was given a specific job, and they received paychecks, tax information, banking information, and more to learn how a real economy works. This Junior Achievement program allows students to explore all different industries, and they were able to engage with one another to keep their town running smoothly. 

In Biztown, there were laws to be made, crimes to be solved, health resources, banking, shops, restaurants, volunteer opportunities, and more. Students worked in rounds based on what color name tag they were given for their job. When their round was over, they would head to the bank with their paycheck, and the next round would start, which involved shopping in Biztown in order to keep the economy going. Then, the next round would switch shifts, and the process would continue. 

The “Election Commissioner,” Bradleigh Collins, shared that she worked at city hall to ensure that all the votes were tallied and the town was aware of the voting numbers. She was hard at work to get voting numbers up! She also said, “I’ve really enjoyed Biztown. It’s probably the most fun field trip I’ve had here. There’s just so much to do.” She also shared that she had fun at Biztown because she was learning and teaching directly with her friends. 

As the “Chief Financial Officer of FedEx,” Gary Bailey worked hard to make sure that all the bills were paid on time and correctly. He said that Biztown has taught him, “Being an adult is hard, and there’s a lot of different things you have to do.” But, Gary still said that he had fun at Biztown, and it was a cool experience getting to be an adult for the day and work with his friends. 

Real life fifth grade teacher, Kipp Lawton shared that for the past few weeks students have been learning about being members of a community with finances and local government studies. Biztown provided them the opportunity to dive right in and learn how a community works. 

Check out more about Riverdale’s day at Biztown below! 

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