#WeLoveYouHereatFarmington: A Family Thanks Parents & Staff who Helped Save a Life

May 2023 – Farmington Elementary School has always prided itself on fostering a supportive environment where students, parents, and faculty come together as one family. Recently, an unforeseen medical emergency unfolded during school dismissal, putting this spirit of unity and heroism on full display. Patricia, also known as Nana, was visiting from out of town, and went into sudden cardiac arrest while waiting to pick up her grandchildren after school.


The dire situation at Cordes Road became a turning point thanks to the heroic efforts of numerous individuals, whose names may never be fully known. Among them were several Farmington parents, Officer Fleming, Farmington Elementary Leadership, and the Germantown Police Department and Fire Department. However, it was the swift response of four exceptional Farmington mothers—Crystal Burkett, Kim Messmore, Hallie Peay, and Laura Beasley—that truly stood out. With admirable courage and selflessness, they administered CPR and immediately contacted emergency services, undoubtedly saving Patricia's life. This extraordinary act exemplifies the exceptional character and the tightly knit bonds within the Farmington community.


Amidst the chaos, Principal Ashley Brasfield displayed exceptional leadership and composure. Understanding the potential trauma that witnessing the emergency could inflict upon the children, she promptly ushered them back into the school, shielding them from the unfolding situation.


Patricia was soon taken to the hospital where healthcare providers marveled at her remarkable recovery, dubbing her a "walking miracle." Today, she continues to recuperate with her family, enjoying cherished moments with five of her twelve grandchildren.


In a heartfelt letter to school leaders and Farmington Elementary School, the Cox family writes:


“As a military family, Farmington is not the first Elementary school our children have been to but has been an amazing community beyond comparison. From the leadership in the administration to the faculty, staff, and students, we have felt so much support and love - like a true FAMILY.


We are so grateful and blessed to be members of the Farmington Family…where the hero to ordinary citizen ratio is high…where parents, kids, teachers, and staff are united in giving our children the best education and environment possible, including leading by example and demonstrating how to act in a real emergency.


Thank you to anyone else who was involved in saving Nana’s life. We may not know your name, but your prayers for Nana were answered, and your seemingly small act has made such a profound impact on us. Thank you for not hesitating to help a stranger whose life depended on it, and giving Nana a chance to see her grandchildren again.

In so many ways, Farmington will always hold a special place in our hearts!”


The GMSD community is so thankful to those who acted quickly during this emergency, and the faculty and staff of Farmington Elementary who ensured that all children were taken care of and protected as well. We continue to send well wishes to Patricia as she recovers.