Farmington First Graders Ended their Reading Unit with a Special Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

May 2023 – The first graders in GMSD completed a reading unit centered around Cinderella stories from around the world. For some schools, at the conclusion of this unit, they celebrate with a grand Cinderella's Ball. At Farmington, first grade teachers and parent volunteers took this event to a new level this year. "My [students'] parents were willing to bring the carriage rides to school," said first grade teacher Susan Eaton. "So, we expanded the event to the whole first grade from there. We like to go big or go home!" she said. Parents created many of the decorations and fairy tale-themed snacks.


And, big it was. The classrooms and hallway were adorned to look like a grand palace, and our young princes and princesses came dressed as royalty. They indulged in scrumptious snacks, participated in captivating fairy tale-themed STEM activities, and culminated the experience with the thrill of carriage rides. It was a truly magical experience for our first-grade Falcons.