Creative Media Producer Tyler Nutt Receives Highest Distinction for Video at NSPRA's Annual Conference

His outstanding in-house video production titled "Staff Spotlight: Alexa Guynes, Milken Educator of the Year" received the highest distinction, the 'Excellence' award, at the NSPRA's Publications and Digital Media Excellence Awards.

Nutt's video portrayed the extraordinary moment when Alexa Guynes, an outstanding teacher from Dogwood Elementary School, was awarded the Milken Educator Award - a highly revered honor often referred to as the Oscars of teaching. The video beautifully captured the emotions of this achievement and showcased Nutt's exceptional storytelling and creative talents.

The NSPRA's Publications and Digital Media Excellence Awards are a showcase of the finest media productions in the education industry, celebrating innovative and impactful content that highlights the achievements and dedication of educators and school staff. With stiff competition from numerous entries, his remarkable talent and dedication are an inspiration to the entire district, and his contributions continue to elevate the profile of Germantown schools on a national platform.

Adding to the joy of this recognition, Tyler Nutt's wife, Mary (also pictured here), was able to attend the conference and share in the celebration. 

Alexa Guynes Milkin Teacher of the Year
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