Houston alumni take the stage at POTS

Former Houston High School students are causing a stir in the Memphis theater scene with their standout performances in the Playhouse on the Square's production of The Prom. Renowned alumni like Katy Cotten, Paige Hollenbeck, Will Lowery, and Arielle Mitchell have graced the city's stage as paid performers, drawing well-deserved attention.

For Houston High's theater teacher, Kell Christie, this production holds profound significance. Christie recently visited the show, reconnecting with her former students and even capturing a cherished photo with them. Reflecting on their accomplishments, Christie beamed with pride, expressing, "I was so very proud to see all of them doing such excellent work, and I was so honored to have such talented kids when they were students."

The journey from Houston High's hallways to the spotlight of professional theater underscores the lasting impact of dedicated mentors and a nurturing educational environment. The success of these alumni in The Prom not only enriches the Memphis arts scene but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and hard work.