Riverdale Elementary School's Addyson Knowles Takes on the World of Soccer

Riverdale Elementary School's Addyson Knowles is taking leaps in the world of soccer. For the second consecutive year, this 11-year-old standout is the only outfield player from Tennessee's 2010 girls' age group to secure a coveted spot on the Region team, covering 12 Southern states.

Addyson's achievements also extend beyond her home state. She's been invited to the U.S. Soccer Girls Talent ID Center for the second year running, following her impressive performance at a top camp in Kentucky last year. To secure her place at the Talent ID camps, Addyson went through rigorous trials, including state trials and inter-regional trials that brought together talented students from five different states. 

Her soccer journey began at age three, where she participated in recreational soccer, and from here she has shown incredible dedication and motivation towards the sport. Addyson describes her experiences saying, “I’m so honored to be selected again for the region team and the US Soccer Girls Talent ID camp. I am hoping that these experiences help elevate me to the highest levels I can achieve. I will continue to work hard, embrace these opportunities and never take them for granted.’

Addyson is not only a standout soccer player but also a hurdler who excels in track and field for her school team. Addyson Knowles' story is a testament to her hard work, passion for sports, and dedication to excellence. She's a role model for her peers and a source of pride for Riverdale Elementary School, with a promising future in both soccer and athletics.