Student Spotlight: Jacob Geiser of Houston High School

This week, we spotlight Jacob Geiser, an outstanding student at Houston High School and a distinguished GMSD Ambassador. With a perfect ACT score and a strong passion for national service, Jacob is aiming for a military future.

As a high-achieving student, Jacob eyes attending a service academy, particularly in the medical field. This past summer, he immersed himself in military academy life through a leadership experience at West Point. Proctored by cadets, the program offered a firsthand look into the rigorous training and discipline at West Point. Leading a squad, Jacob embraced challenges, gaining valuable insights into military leadership.

Highlighting his dedication to exploring military paths, Jacob also attended a Naval Academy summer seminar, delving into unique aspects of naval service and broadening his understanding of military opportunities.

For Jacob, these experiences exceed academy admission prerequisites; they aim for a genuine understanding of military life. This hands-on approach reflects Jacob's commitment to an informed decision about his future career path.As Jacob pursues his aspirations, it's evident he embodies the qualities of a future leader. His blend of academic excellence, family service legacy, and hands-on military experiences positions Jacob to contribute significantly to the proud tradition of those serving in defense of our country.