When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Huge Difference

Join in as we transform ordinary lemonade into extraordinary acts of kindness. By registering to be a part of this event, participants aren’t just setting up lemonade stands, but they’re also becoming superheroes for a cause. The mission? To raise funds for the Germantown Education Foundation and a charity of your choice. The $25 registration fee provides a fun T-shirt, an official sign and a front-row seat to make a difference in the community.


Here’s how it works: Your family, neighborhood or organization sets up a lemonade stand on May 4. Then, you sell as much lemonade as possible - get creative with your lemonade recipes, jazz up your stand and create a party atmosphere. At the end of the event, you’ll donate half your proceeds to the Germantown Education Foundation and the other half goes to a charity of your choice.


Later, after a triumphant day of spreading awareness and quenching thirst, the celebration continues at the Germantown Performing Arts Center with the Big Squeeze Food Truck Festival including live music and prizes for the most sensational lemonade stands.


So rally the troops, grab those lemons and let’s make history together! Register by April 14 and be a part of Germantown’s Lemonade Stand Day. Special thanks goes to Paragon Bank, sponsor of the celebration event.