Germantown’s Young Speller Shines at National Spelling Bee

Josh, who is only 9 years old, showcased his spelling prowess by successfully navigating through the challenging preliminary rounds. He correctly spelled words like “mellifluous” and “saltimbocca,” and accurately described “chinook” as a type of warm dry wind.  Very impressive for a third grade student!

The quarterfinals proved to be a rigorous test of both spelling and vocabulary. Josh continued to demonstrate his skills by correctly spelling “zygantrum,” a term that left many in the audience reaching for their dictionaries. His journey, however, concluded in the fifth round when he faced the tricky task of defining the word “reprobate.”

Everyone at Farmington Elementary School is beaming with pride about Josh's remarkable journey at the Spelling Bee.  An avid reader and an aspiring astronaut, Josh balances his studies with other interests such as martial arts, where he is an advanced blue belt, and music, playing guitar in Farmington's guitar club.