Germantown Municipal School District Welcomes New ESE Supervisor, Leigh Ellis

Leigh, a seasoned member of our ESE team, steps into this pivotal role with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, particularly in enhancing services for students with disabilities.

Leigh has been an integral part of our district since 2017, first serving as Transition Coordinator and then as an Academic and Behavior Interventionist. In her previous roles, Leigh demonstrated exceptional leadership in navigating changes in Individualized Education Account (IEA) requirements and managing district compliance, crucial for our continued success in special education.  Leigh holds a Master of Arts in Education from Union University and a specialist degree in Special Education from the University of Memphis.

Assistant Superintendent Sarah Huffman praises Leigh’s unique skill set, noting, “She's a relationship builder, and very skilled at building community connections for our programs. Leigh's ability to bridge the gap between school and life beyond secondary education has been invaluable.”

In her new role, Leigh will continue to spearhead initiatives that foster independence and post-secondary success for our students. Her focus will expand to strategic initiatives, allowing her to work more directly with teachers and students and continue building on her success in ensuring that our educational practices meet state standards and serve our students' needs effectively.

As Leigh assumes her new responsibilities, the ESE department will be looking to fill her previous position to maintain our commitment to compliance and quality education. This transition marks a significant step towards further enhancing our educational offerings and serving all of our students with disabilities.

Please join us in congratulating Leigh on her new role and in supporting her as she leads our efforts to ensure that all students have the opportunities they need to succeed.