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Curriculum Resources

Scope & Sequence documents for all grade levels and subjects are listed below. Subjects not linked below will be added at a later date.
Elementary (K-5) Middle (6-8) High (9-12)
English/Language Arts
English/Language Arts English/Language Arts
Kindergarten ELA Sixth Grade ELA English I
First Grade ELA Seventh Grade ELA English II
Second Grade ELA Eighth Grade ELA English III
Third Grade ELA   English IV 
Fourth Grade ELA    
Fifth Grade ELA    
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
Sixth Grade Social Studies  
Seventh Grade Social Studies  
Second Grade Social Studies Eighth Grade Social Studies  
Third Grade Social Studies    
Fourth Grade Social Studies    
Fifth Grade Social Studies    
Math Math Math
6th Grade Algebra I
6th Grade Enriched Algebra II
7th Grade Geometry
7th Grade Enriched  
8th Grade  
Science Science