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Parents, welcome to transportation. The Germantown Municipal School District currently contracts transportation to Durham Services. Our number one goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from school for all students that qualify for transportation.


Parent Responsibility Zone

The Parent Responsibility Zone is 1.5 miles for elementary school and 2 miles for middle school and high school. If you live within these zones, you are responsible for providing transportation for your student/students. Please see policies ,SS 3.400 , SS 3.402, and SS 3.403 SS 3.401 for board policies regarding transportation. 


Find your bus or route information

Please click here to utilize our parent bus weblink tool.  Please reach out to your school's bus administrator if there is an error or you are experiencing problems with the application.


Durham Bus Tracker App

GMSD is pleased to add the Durham Bus Tracker App to the many tools already in place to provide reliable transportation and communication for our parents and students.  The app will allow parents the ability to track their students' buses in real time. The Durham Bus Tracker Application is now available and ready for use! Please visit Durham Tracker Instructions Page to view a step-by-step guide for downloading and use of the app.

Bus Report

Please report all bus safety complaints to or 1-833-BUS-REPORT (1-833-287737678). Bumper stickers should be on every bus with this information as well. 

Examples of bus safety complaints include, but are not limited to:

  • Erratic or unsafe driving
  • Stop arm on the bus not functioning or not being utilized when the bus stops
  • Driver texting or utilizing an electronic device while driving
  • Mechanical condition of the bus (bald tires, faulty brakes, brake lights or head lights not operating properly, etc.)
  • Conduct of the bus driver
  • Bus overcrowding (more students than seats on the bus)
When reporting a safety concern, please include as many details as possible, including the bus number, location, specific details, etc. This will help us in the investigation process.


Once received, the shared services transportation department in cooperation with the Office of Operations will begin the investigation in accordance with policy SS 3.400 and if necessary, take the actions needed.


Durham Contact Information

Contact shared services transportation at 901-286-6703 or our shared services transportation supervisor Kim Reed at [email protected]. They can help you with any transportation related issues.

We have assistant principals at each school who can assist you with transportation related issues.

Dogwood: Roya Perkins (901)-752-7957 [email protected] 
Farmington: Ashley Brasfield (901) 756-2320 [email protected]
Forest Hill: Christina Bennett (901) 730-8515 [email protected]

Houston High: Thomas Suchman (901) 756-2370 [email protected]

Houston Middle: Brian Fisher (901) 756-1079  [email protected]
Riverdale: Antionette Curtis (901) 756-2300 [email protected]

Below is a list of issues/examples for which you can also contact Durham Services main bus lot at 901-861-0256. You can also email Jerry Meggs, our Durham Services general manager, at [email protected].

Bus is running excessively early or late to a designated stop
Bus completely misses/does not pick up a stop
Parent/student is having an issue with a driver
Bus is picking up/dropping off at the wrong stop


GMSD Transportation Contacts

You can also contact the Office of Operations at the Germantown Municipal School District at 901-752-7900 or [email protected] should you need assistance.

For any issues that are persistent and/or that you feel are not being addressed in an efficient and timely manner, please contact the shared services transportation department and/or the Office of Operations.