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GMSD has a history of creating championship teams. With over 150 TSSAA championship appearances, our student athletes and coaching staff work hard to ensure victories. But more than that, our athletic programs encourage athletes to have good sportsmanship, confidence, and excellent communication skills. Athletic programs are designed to help students learn more about themselves and how they work with others. Our coaching staff is also trained to teach students to always work to the best of their ability and have a good attitude in the face of adversity or in the light of victory. 
Houston High School athletics also received a Gold Star through the Tennessee Safe Star Program. This means that Houston provides the highest level of safety for student athletes and fans. All of our athletic staff are trained and certified in CPR and AED use, and as students, our athletes are also trained and certified in grades 7, 9, and 11. At each sporting event we have trained medical staff to provide care as well. Overall, the goal of our athletic programs is to uplift and empower our student athletes both in and outside of the game.