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Ms. Abel brings a wealth of experience in instructional leadership with 29 years of education experience to this critical executive management role.  Most recently, she served in the role of Vice Principal of Houston High School where she developed and oversaw curriculum and instruction, provided teacher support, conducted observations, led and organized professional development, and expertly supervised data analysis among the school’s professional learning communities (PLC’s).  Her duties also included overseeing the school counseling services, managing the school improvement plan, and creating the annual master schedule.
Prior to serving as the Vice Principal of Houston High School, Ms. Abel has served over a decade in legacy Shelby County Schools, the merged-Shelby County District, and held district-level positions within GMSD. In the newly formed Germantown Municipal School District, she was an original curriculum coordinator for secondary education, setting the tone for ACT improvements.
Ms. Abel’s impressive resume also includes her tenure as the STEM Advisor for Shelby County Schools, Shelby County’s District Lead Math Teacher—along with statewide leadership positions with TNCORE as a coach, the TN Department of Education STEM Leadership Council, a member of the Steering Committee of the West TN STEM Hub, and a math item writer and reviewer for TN Department of Education high school state assessments.
In all of Ms. Abel’s work both in and out of GMSD, she has produced exceptional results in helping children to achieve “personal excellence” through interdisciplinary and rigorous learning. She has also demonstrated a passion for whole-child education.
Superintendent Jason Manuel is excited to welcome Ms. Abel back to the district office to continue her legacy of excellent data-driven instructional leadership. “Ms. Abel has demonstrated talents in curriculum and instruction, but she is also a skilled relationship-builder with teachers and community members, which makes her a great fit.  I consider it a privilege to welcome Ms. Abel to the leadership team and know that she will do great things in her new role,” said Superintendent Manuel. 
“Compelling education should prepare students to be effective communicators, innovators, inventors, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who know how to apply the interrelated aspects of all content areas. Each student deserves to have his or her needs met through equitable experiences, differentiation, intervention, and enrichment. In this new position, I hope to have an even greater impact on teaching and learning across the K–12 continuum,” said Ms. Abel.