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Instructional Calendar

The instructional calendar details the number of days students and teachers are in school and out for district holidays. It also outlines professional development days and administrative days, which is important to staff.  This can also be a quick glance calendar for families in planning vacations.
If you are looking for SCHOOL EVENTS, click on the "District Events" button. If you are looking for BOARD MEETING DATES, please click the "Tentative Board Meeting Dates" button. 

We invite your valuable input to help us make an informed decision regarding our 2024-25 school calendar. We have two calendar options under consideration:


Option A - This option offers a later Fall Break and a later Spring Break. Option B - In contrast, Option B presents an earlier Fall Break and an earlier Spring Break.


Your feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping our school calendar for the upcoming year. Please review both options carefully and let us know your preferences. Your input matters, and we appreciate your participation in this important decision-making process. Thank you for being an integral part of our community!