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School Safety

The intent of the Student Wellness Advisory Team (S.W.A.T.) is to reach a variety of students in
hopes of getting a true measure of how our students feel about the overall safety and wellness
in our schools. To achieve our goals, meetings will be student centered and students will be
able to honestly provide their opinions related to challenges of today’s society. There will be
adult representation during these meetings, but only to help start certain discussions. The
discussion will allow the team to share their opinions, which will ultimately help us better
understand how to positively support them.
Parent Reunification Process:
In case of an emergency evacuation, parents will be notified about the reunification
Video AI and Raptor Visitor Management:
All GMSD campuses utilize a AI camera for all visitors before they can enter our
schools. These cameras are located at the main entrances to our six school and District
Office. Once the visitor has been allowed to enter our schools, the visitor must produce
a valid drivers license so that it can be scanned into our Raptor Visitor Management
system. This service provides a quick background check of the individual visiting our
School Safety Reports