Carin Sanders has been hired as the Germantown Municipal School District Accountability Supervisor

Germantown, Tennessee—May 24, 2021—We are excited to announce that Carin Sanders has been named the Germantown Municipal School District Accountability Supervisor.
Ms. Sanders brings a wealth of experience with over 18 years in education ranging from a classroom teacher and Assistant Principal at Germantown Middle School and an Assessment Advisor in Shelby County Schools.
In her most recent role as an Assessment Advisor for SCS, she has gained experience that will serve the students in Germantown well. Ms. Sanders served as a district primary testing coordinator for state standardized testing, provided professional development sessions for both formative and standardized assessments, and worked on a team to disaggregate student data and generate district reports.
Beginning June 1st, Ms. Sanders will assume the role of GMSD Testing Coordinator as well as oversee data and assessments at all schools. “She will be an incredible asset to our teachers,” said Missy Abel, the Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. “Not only will she be hyper-focused on the planning and implementation of our quarterly benchmarks and state testing, but her skillset in creating data reports will be of great value to our school teams”.
Ms. Sanders is a proven talent at disaggregating student data and training teachers on how to use it to drive instruction. She’s most looking forward to working directly with teachers and students to understand and utilize data. “I am committed to working with teachers, students, parents, and my GMSD colleagues to ensure that our students excel in school and also succeed in any post-secondary opportunities they choose to pursue,” said Ms. Sanders.
She has a passion for working with students and is a firm believer that “everything should be measured in child benefit”.