Landers Ford Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Teacher Appreciation Event returned over the summer

By Student Reporter: Sarah D'Souza

Germantown, Tennessee--August 7th, 2021--The Germantown Municipal School District staff started the school year right with a Lander’s Ford-Sponsored Game Show. Although the game show is an annual tradition, the Superintendent wanted this year to be extra special. "Having this amazing get together after a difficult year of virtual learning and isolation proves GMSD treats their teachers right," shared HHS teacher Dr. Abigail Simone who noted that a highlight of the show was the Superintendent's connection to the Teacher's celebrating at the GameshowRainbow Connection. When asked, Mrs. Danita Mullings was very excited, explaining, “It was amazing to feel all of the community support from organizations like Landers Ford and the Germantown Education Foundation, who donated to help us have a great start to the year.” Mr. Manuel’s speech wasn’t the only pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; staff were treated to the musical stylings of the Soul Shockers, as well as an opportunity to win many prizes throughout the celebration. To wrap up the celebration, a $10,000 prize was awarded to the school that was most energized about the Superintendent's call-to-arms to implement new programming that facilitates or fosters student-to-student connections. While all of the schools walked away with a $1,000 prize to foster connections, Riverdale School secured the win.