Houston High School student saves a neighbor's life with skills learned in her health science classroom

By Student Reporter: Ashley Yan


Germantown, Tennessee--September 15, 2021--"Mrs. Rothenberger takes her class serious--running drills throughout the year and throughout the school, I could probably perform CPR and other live-saving skills in my sleep," another student in her class told us. But, in practice, the skills taught in GMSD's own health science class were lifesaving when an elderly neighbor of a Houston High School student began choking on her dinner. Junior Lindsey Manguso heard her neighbor in distress and jumped into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver, consequently saving her neighbor’s life. Linsey Manguso

On September 13th, Lindsey found herself home alone, cleaning her car. Her neighbor had exited her home, calling for help after attempts to dislodge the blockage proved to be futile. Due to the training Lindsey received in Mrs. Rothenberger’s class, Lindsey was able to promptly recognize the signals of distress of choking. Immediately, her many hours of training kicked in, successfully allowing her neighbor to breathe again.

Lindsey’s father, Chris Manguso, an assistant principal at Riverdale School, wrote these words of gratitude to her teacher Mrs. Rothenberger, “Because of you and your Health Science class, my daughter was able to save the life of our elderly neighbor”.
"The classes and instruction at Houston High School properly prepare students for real life situations," said Coordinated School Health Supervisor, Andy Martin, who believes this situation illustrates the district's value on health education. In this way, students at GMSD are not only educating themselves, but bettering the lives of others around them. And, if they are lucky, will be able to call themselves a hometown hero like Lindsey Manguso.