Forest Hill student writes and creates a sports podcast for class project

Germantown, Tennessee--March 31, 2022--Nicholas Signaigo Jr. has always 'dreamt' of starting his own podcast.  In his fourth grade class, Ms. Kimber Howard invited him to do just that.  The students are each participating in a genius hour activity on Friday mornings--they have designed a product or created an innovation that they are working on.  "Some kids invented a new sugar scrub.  
Another group designed and made an F 150 truck model completely out of cardboard--and it is something to see!" explained Signaigo.Though he had originally thought to base his podcast on comic books, Signaigo comes from an athletic family.  His dad, Nick Signaigo (Sr.) was a college football player at Alabama and Mississippi State, and his father was also an athlete who went on to play for the Rams.  He settled on basing his podcast on football.  
NFL World With Nicholas Signaigo taped its first episode this week.  His first guest was Houston High School Coach David Wolff, who joined the fourth grader to discuss football.  "Don't forget me when you make it big," Wolff laughed at the conclusion of the episode. 
GMSD will be releasing his first episode next Friday, April 1st--and you won't want to miss it.