The Riverdale Raider Volleyball team goes undefeated in the ECS Eagles classic!

Last Saturday, the Riverdale Raiders Volleyball team achieved an impressive 6-0 victory in the ECS Eagles classic, showcasing their exceptional prowess on the court. Guided by the leadership of Head Coach Tim Coulter, the team reveled in their success. Coach Coulter expressed his admiration, saying, “Our Lady Raiders were absolutely amazing! Our parents and fans were so engaged and we appreciate all their support! I could not have been happier with our girls’ performance today!”

At the heart of the Riverdale Raider Volleyball program lies a commitment to empowering young women through rigorous training and spirited competition. The overarching mission is to cultivate qualities of hard work, dedication and determination. Volleyball serves as an excellent vehicle for instilling vital life lessons including teamwork, courage and sisterhood.

So when is the right time to start volleyball?  Our Riverdale program can be started as early as 4th Grade.  Our younger ages participate in a 5th & 6th Grade League. There are many schools that allow younger, newer players to participate in this league's developmental division. We will be forming the following teams in the upcoming 2023 Season; 3rd-5th Grade Team 6th Grade Team JV Middle School Team Varsity Middle School Team!