Houston Middle School welcomes new students to its house system tradition

Special shout-outs go to the new students at Houston Middle School who were recently inducted into their respective houses this week. At Houston Middle School, our unique house system divides students into four distinct houses—Andalusian, Dartmoor, Percheron, and Lippizan. Each house engages in friendly competition, earning points through acts of kindness and active participation in school-spirited initiatives. Adding to the whimsy, interactive television screens in the hallways announce each and every time a student earns a point for their house. Images of house members and dancing GIFs of staff and faculty members interactive with animations as different houses pull into the lead.

Pictured are the newly inducted members of House Lippizan celebrate securing the first Spirit Stick of the school year. 

Check out their HMSMustangs1 Instagram Page for additional exciting photos and videos