GMSD Students Participate and Place in Delta Fair Art Contest 2023

   In August 2023, students from Riverdale K-8 School, Houston Middle School, and Dogwood Elementary School took part in the Delta Fair Art contest. Riverdale K-8 contributed 11 participants, with 7 of them emerging as winners. Houston Middle School had 3 participants and Dogwood Elementary boasted 4 participants, all of which placed in the competition. We are so proud of the artistic talent thriving within GMSD schools. 

   Riverdale K-8 School students displayed exceptional artistic talent, with Lilly Taylor, a 2nd grader, taking 1st place and the "Best in Show" title. Their representation continued with Charlotte Davis, a 5th grader, earning 3rd place, and Paul Gossett, another 2nd grader, securing 4th place. McKayla Janda, a 3rd grader, claimed 5th place. Mariana Matiushcherse, a 4th grader, earned 3rd place, and Hollis McKinnley, a 5th grader, followed closely behind in 4th place. Even the youngest artists made their mark, as Kindergartener Celia Schmitt attained 5th place. Joseph Bryan, Jane Overholser, and Adam Long also participate in this year's contest.

   From Dogwood Elementary School, four students entered their work and all received recognition! Jolie Sipniewski, a Kindergartener, earned 3rd place. First grader, Sarabeth Malinka, won first place for her division. Also from DES, 2nd graders Alma Oswald and Lucy Gallagher won 9th and 10th place respectively.

   Houston Middle School submitted work from a student from every grade and again, each submission placed! 6th grader, Ryland Moore, placed 3rd. 7th grader, Celeste Bao, placed 10th. From 8th grade, Sophia Rus, placed 5th.

  GMSD is proud of the achievements of our students who participated and placed in the Delta Fair Art Contest 2023. This showcase of talent exemplifies the talent of our young artists, we cannot wait to see what they do next!