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School Start Time Announcement

Please click here to read a letter from Superintendent Jason Manuel outlining the decision making process.
At the request of the school board, school start times and bus routes were carefully examined. Community input was carefully weighed and measured in the determination of the 2016-2017 school start times. Below is an outline of the steps taken in reaching a determination.
In October of 2015, all stakeholders were invited to serve on School Level Start Time Committees. Both walk in and pre-registered stakeholders took part in the meetings. In addition, our school board members and a team of district level administrators attended to facilitate and listen.
Click here to view an overall summary of the school level meetings.
Or, choose an option below to see individual school level meeting summaries for a breakdown of the stakeholders present.
In November of 2015, 41 stakeholders served on the District Level Start Time Committee. To qualify for random selection, participants had to be present for the previous School Level Start Time Committee in which the issue was explored in much more depth.
Click here for an overview of the meeting and view feedback on each proposed scenario.
The District Administration received input from both school and district level committee meetings, and chose to obtain a bigger picture of stakeholders’ desires in each individual school—a larger picture of what works for individual families, staff members, and in some cases the students themselves.

We contracted a third party to conduct a non-biased survey that took a pulse on some of the scenarios that had been discussed at the district level committee meeting. Being clear, that this survey was NOT a formal vote, or a vote about start times in general—rather a specific look at what time the majority of stakeholders in a particular school desired for their start time.
View the data by individual school location by clicking here.